4 amazing fireplaces that are present in GDC Luxury’s projects

GDC Luxury consists of a boutique interior design studio which managed to make its way to the city of fashion and design, Milan, after having initiated its career in Dubai. Today we will be introducing you to not only their amazing interior design projects but also to the luxury fireplaces that appear in them.

Top 5 fireplaces that are present in GDC Luxury's projects
All photo credits go to GDC Luxury.

The first two years of this company were set in Abu Dhabi, and right now the company is based between Dubai and Milan. The name GDC Luxury is heavily based on the name of the director of the company Gabriela del Cid who was born in the heart of Central America, Honduras.

Gabriela del Cid’s passion for creative arts dates back to when she was 8 years old when her father brought home some new floorplans for their home. After examining these objects she fell in love with the concepts of shapes, colors, patterns, materials and many more elements related to design.

GDC Luxury has been responsible for the conception of many interior design projects on residential, commercial and hospitality establishments. Among their services we can point to architectural design, interior design and furniture procurement, having at their side a complete team of developers, builders, suppliers, and high-end brand managers.

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For our first example, we present you with this marble fireplace that is definitely located in a perfect dreamlike scenario. From the chandeliers to the amazing classical luxury furniture spread throughout the room, in this image the fireplace definitely stands out as being the center of this room, enhanced by an incredible mirror atop of it.

The fireplace shown above is a concept which is still under construction, however, we immediately detected some Art Deco influences in the design around the mantle, as well as within the decor. It’s a cute Mid-Century styled corner that gives a little cozy touch to luxury space.

The next example has a classical touch mixed in with a series of modern elements. Among the classical elements, we can definitely look at the huge fireplace made from granite. This centerpiece is definitely one of the highlights of this luxury project being the basis of the display of the furniture.

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The name of this particular project is Villa Yay, and the luxury is seen and felt throughout the rooms, including the one above with magnificent furniture, lighting, flooring, and decoration in general. The use of black and other darker colors matching with softer colored furnishings is effective in transmitting a powerful feel from this room. In the case of the fireplace it’s a small linear fireplace that is definitely enhanced by the amazing wall it’s inserted in.


Did you enjoy our article about these amazing top 4 fireplaces that are present in GDC Luxury’s projects? Which of these fireplace mantles would you imagine on your own household? Let us know in the comments!


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