7 Game of Thrones-inspired fireplaces to renovate your Home Decor

Game of Thrones, one of the most famous TV Series ever is approaching its end and we bet you’re still hyped from the latest episode, right? However, did you know that you can take some inspiration from this TV series as well as from the medieval period as a whole to give a whole new renovation to your home decor? Spoiler alert: These are seven good examples of Game of Thrones-inspired fireplaces that will give a new twist to your Home Decor.

7 Game of Thrones-inspired fireplaces to renovate your Home Decor

Fireplaces are probably not the first thing you think about when thinking about Game of Thrones right? However, they are quite present in several sets, particularly in the Northen area. We’ve seen a couple of good examples of fireplaces in Winterfell, Harrenhall, Dragonstone and even at Pyke, the Greyjoy’s palace at the Iron Islands.

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We believe you’re probably still feeling the hype from the latest episode, so take this moment to have a pause from all of the theories and speculations regarding what’s about to come next and feel a little inspired by the fireplaces with that medieval style that inspired George R. R. Martin to write the book series that created a worldwide phenomenon. These are 7 examples of Game of Thrones-inspired fireplaces that will give you a little help in renovating your Home Decor.

These first two examples take some notes from the fireplaces seen at Winterfell: spacious, made of stone and providing heat when Winter arrives. Stone is a prevalent element in most of the scenarios seen throughout all of the Seven Kingdoms, so this will be a basic, yet effective examples for you to start envisioning your living room with this theme.

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However, if you prefer a style more allusive to either the Lannisters or King’s Landing as a whole the two previous examples ought to suit you just fine. The stone carvings are made of unique details that are richly accomplished and bearing the symbols of noble houses of the past. These are examples of fireplaces any Lannister would adore to have either Casterly Rock or in any property of their own. After all, they are not ones to pay their debts for nothing, right?

If you ever imagined of having a tavern of your own (something like Hot Pie’s tavern for example) inspired by Game of Thrones then the image above ought to give you some inspiration regarding both the fireplace mantle and the decor of the rooms as a whole. The dimly lighted establishment with the warmth and light emanating from candles and fireplaces sure gives it a feel very alike the TV show’s depiction of a medieval tavern, right?

However, if you’d prefer a study inspired by medieval-style then the image above will give you the perfect cosy feel for you to get on with some paperwork, while your amazing stone-carved fireplace burns brightly or just gives the whole room that extra majestic feel to it.

“The night is dark and full of terrors”… or is it? This last example shows us a fireplace that has a certain mystical element to it, and that somehow definitely reminds us of what we feel when watching Game of Thrones. Can you imagine yourself sitting by this unique fireplace while the next episode is on tv or on stream?


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