A look at the Transcendant work of Designer Susanna Cots

Susanna Cots’ work transcends the interior design universe. Her never-ending quest for the perfect balance is the pivotal subject in any of her projects. Deleting the boundaries of contrasts is the bedrock for her comfort-focused philosophy.

What Susanna likes the most about her work is the client’s satisfaction when it sees the project finished and realizes all of its wishes and needs were met. For the designer, the most challenging time in her career was at the very beginning after she got her degree. She had been working on several architecture practices, but Susanna was convinced she had to have her own studio, one where she’d be able to share her own vision with the design world. The clients were pleased with her work, and most importantly, her confidence boosted.

All photo credits belong to Susanna Cots

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Susanna believes she has become an overachiever. All the goals she had set for herself have been surpassed and she believes she is at a blissful place in her life, both personally and professionally. She gets fulfilled by going onwards with her work. The constant improvement of her work is what drives the designer. The emotions that space delivers to her and her ever-developing perception motivates her to always keep going.


The Catalan designer states that the studio’s continuous work towards the goal of achieving a timeless style is what defines their signature. She plays with the light and fine materials and the layout of the projects in order to get the right emotions out of the place. Susanna says that she analyzes very carefully all the feedback she gets from the communications where the studio’s work is shown. The Catalan designer considers herself a very down-to-earth person and she takes into consideration any thoughts of her work. For Suzanna, Social media are the true propellers of her work nowadays and through them, the studio can achieve and communicate with a broader audience.

Every product used on a project is designed in-house, that way the team can guarantee its quality and the finishing touch they seek. They too design for other architectural and design practices, always maintaining the studio’s signature, such as a new lighting collection they will launch really soon. As for the new trends, Suzanna believes that right now the design world is going back to its roots. She sees natural and sustainable materials as a necessity rather than a trend, and that the design world is all rowing in that direction. For the designer, sustainability is way over fashion, materials and trends.


The studio prides itself of having a diverse portfolio of clients from all over the world. All the clients have two rather important trades in common: an acute sensitivity in appreciating the beauty and the functionality in design and the desire to share a space where they can lie, work and becoming better with themselves. Despite following many design icons from where she draws inspiration, Suzanna prefers listening to her intuition and going with the flow. She is currently working on some residential, clinical spaces and hotel projects, and the designer loves them all in the same way.

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But if she had to pick one particular, she would go with a new and personal one, The Eleven House. It is a 1700 house in a medieval town in Catalonia, Peratallada, in which she has refurbished and turned into space where people share their passion for art, literature, design and wellness.

As far as craftsmanship goes, Suzanna isn’t sure, but she believes that the world of ceramics is taking a step forward and innovating in design, techniques and above all returning to the origins to help develop this honourable métier. For the Catalan designer, the future lies in sustainability. For her, it is not a trend, it is a way of living, one that will reshape the design industry completely.



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