FOOGO is a design brand of timeless fireplaces that brings warmth and cosiness to every indoor and outdoor space. Exquisite firestyles adding the strength and energy of fire to a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

The brand’s name represents flame, passion, strength, impetuosity, comfort, intimacy, and above all, exquisite design


FOOGO presents itself as a warm guarantee for any indoor or outdoor environment. We intend to have a focus on the excellence of our products as well as in the impact they create.


FOOGO has the intention of becoming a must for any stakeholder working on residential and / or commercial projects. Our brand has that special touch that makes the space more appealing, by stimulating feelings of passion and comfort at high levels.


FOOGO offers a unique proposal of fireplaces of various types, from walls to table tops, all with details that make them unique. These materials and finishes aim to transport luxury, sumptuosity and comfort to any space where FOGOO is present. Every one of our fireplaces is unique and represents a strong presence of passion, intimacy and comfort, with its exquisite and impressive design.