Alberto Pinto’s Modern Interiors

Alberto Pinto was a Paris-based French interior designer and photographer. Throughout his career, Pinto developed several interior design projects, not only residential but also in hospitality, businesses and even yachts, effortlessly – or so he made it seem – making a name for himself in the industry and ultimately becoming one of the most iconic French interior designers.

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In addition to this, he also started his own interior design company, Alberto Pinto Studio, that is now managed by Linda Pinto, who, along with a team of 80 employees, is committed to honouring the name of the great designer.


Pinto was known for his eclecticism and his ability to, time after time, bring an aura of extravagant luxury to any interior he designed in the most sophisticated manner conceivable. Alberto Pinto was a true jack of all trades when it came to designing prestigious interiors: he could master a variety of styles like no other player in the game. His striking eclecticism stemmed from an outstanding aptitude to combine cultural influences in a harmonious fashion, always adjusting the projects to the client’s vision.


Pinto‘s talent to work with various design styles inevitably passed on to his team, and as such, since its establishment, the studio has created a variety of spaces in a variety of styles. However, among these, one stands out: the modern style.


The modern design movement saw its starting point in the 20th Century. This style pays homage to natural materials, neutral or earthy colour palettes and a simplification of the decor, stepping away from maximalism and eliminating unnecessary clutter.



In Alberto Pinto Studio‘s designs, you can observe some of the key characteristics of modern interior design, such as clean straight lines, as opposed to contorted ones, an absence of superfluous details and low furnishings with little to no embellishments – only enough to add some interest to the pieces and keep the rooms from being dull. In fact, they stray as far away from dull as possible.


The Alberto Pinto Studio makes use of staple materials in modern design, such as wood, metals, leather and natural fibres, which grants the interiors a more raw and intense feel, often adding pops of colours through patterned coloured rugs – always in geometric patterns, so as to keep the modern aesthetic.

All in all, despite the fact that the studio has mastered its craft in every facet of design, there’s no denying that their modern works are exceptionally impressive – they stay true to the original intent and feel of modern design but feel refreshing through their refined conjugation of colour, patterns and materials.

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