Check out these amazing fireplaces present in One X One Design

One X One Design consists of leading design and build firm currently led by its founder and Creative Director, Hilda Mohseni. This company has established its operation in the late 1990s, and today at our blog we’re going to take a look at some amazing fireplaces that we’ve managed to spot by having a look at their portfolio.

Check out these amazing fireplaces present in One X One Design
All photo credits belong to One X One Design

After years of working in the business, one of One X One Design’s biggest strengths has definitely got to do with the fact that they can count on an extensive and professional team filled with architects, engineers, and design professionals all of whom advocate for “a humanistic approach to design and construction”.

However, the two main pillars that definitely make the company stand strong are Hilda Mohseni and its other Principal, Avida Mohseni. The two leaders of One X One Design are known for working had to provide exceptional design, construction, and customer service to a vast list of clients.

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While we were taking a look through One X One Design’s clients, we’ve noticed a couple of interesting fireplaces mantles. Some more classical, others more modern however we’ve decided to highlight some of them from three particular projects.


This was one of the first design and build projects completed by One X One Design, which successfully manages to blend traditional and contemporary features. This unique luxury project has an amazing living room with a bespoke linear fireplace that definitely manages to stand out in this room. Not only is it a centerpiece of the room, but it also adds a modern charm that many desire in their own living rooms.


This mid-size family residence is located in the heart of the Avenue Road and Lawrence neighborhood (Toronto) and it drew heavy inspiration from the Chateau Style Manors. White is a predominant color in the interior’s decor style which is something that can be definitely seen also in the two fireplaces of the home. Both have a very linear design, and while one has the addition of marble and another a more industrial light touch, the white mantle on both of them complements the rest of the home decor.

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Lastly, we have this estate home located in the beautiful city of Vaughan, with a decor that decided to take a more modern approach to a previously existing traditional style. This is another example with a dominating white palette complemented by a design style that “injects luxury and texture”, in the words of One X One Design. Curiously enough, there are two examples on these mantles: one is a linear fireplace, beautifully enhanced by the enormous marble wall on which it’s inserted in; the second definitely reflects on the traditional style of the house, with beautiful carvings that definitely reflects top quality craftsmanship when elaborating the mantle.


Did you enjoy our article regarding the bespoke fireplaces we’ve managed to spot in One X One Design’s projects? Which of these fireplace mantles do you think would better suit your home’s interior decor? Let us know in the comments!


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