Discover The Best Interior Design News & Trends At CovetED 14th

The luxury design magazine surely exceeds the expectations with their latest issue. Filled with inspirational content for the world’s design lovers, this incredible decoration magazine is the inspiration that you need to create your incredible interior design project! FOOGO blog will be giving you a sample of what to expect from this incredible magazine!

Discover The Best Interior Design News & Trends At CovetED 14th

CovetED Magazine’s 14th issue takes you around the art & interior design world through incredible design events and exclusive interviews you the best interior designers this issue of the moment, plus a few incredible surprises.

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Discover The Best Interior Design News & Trends At CovetED 14th

Just like the previous edition, the CovetED magazine really made this issue super special with plenty of surprises for its readers, like an inside tour of the luxury lifestyle from the yachts fanatics. If you want to discover more about this inspiring design magazine and ist interior design ideas, you can DOWNLOAD it on their website!

From exclusive interviews with renowned interior designers, like Rossana Orlandi or Patricia Urquiola, to incredible luxury design projects and upcoming events, this interior design magazine is a journey filled with beauty, ambition, and love for design! The 14th issue of CovetED magazine will show you everything that is related to luxury design inspirations, as well as the latest news and events taking place in the interior design world.

The Biggest Highlights From The 14th Issue:

News and Trends:

Discover The Best Interior Design News & Trends At CovetED 14th

Besides introducing the incredible design events that its readers can attend this month, the 14th issue of the CovetED Magazine also shows you some of the best furnishings or lighting design collection, like the Nightbloom Collection by Marcel Wanders and LLADRÓ. Regarding the biggest news in the interior design world, the luxury design magazine‘s team also shows you how to incorporate the trendy high-fashion looks from the Met Gala 2019 into a bespoke design project.

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The World’s Best Interior Designers (The Complete List):

Discover The Best Interior Design News & Trends At CovetED 14th

The inspiring work of these incredible designers is a worldwide influence on all the design lovers, so the CovetED Magazine team decided to celebrate their influence in the interior design industry by creating this year incredible top 100 interior designers of the world. This fantastic selection by the luxury design magazine is something that every design lover should know!

Exclusive Interview With Fashion And Design Icon, Rossana Orlandi:

Discover The Best Interior Design News & Trends At CovetED 14thInfluencing the world of high-fashion and interior design, Orlandi became one of the most influential personas of the Italian design industry. Curator, gallery owner, and art collector, the Italian Rossana Orlandi is the bridge of the world’s high-fashion and design industry! During this year’s Fuorisaloni at Milan Design Week, CovetED had the pleasure of catching up with Rossana Orlandi at her gallery to learn more about these incredible initiatives.

Best Luxury Yachts In The World:

Discover The Best Interior Design News & Trends At CovetED 14th

Just like the Portuguese sailed and ventured into the unknown waters of the New World in the early 15th century, the luxury design magazines cruised throughout the best inspirations and designers of these recreational vessels. But which projects are so unique and exquisite that pierce through waves with a remarkable elegance across the seven seas? CovetED Magazine has selected a curated a list of the most impressive and inspirational luxurious superyachts projects and designs in the world in honour of the Miami’s Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

The Ultimate Travel Guide For 7 Days In Portugal:

Discover The Best Interior Design News & Trends At CovetED 14th

Land of arts and unmeasured beauty, Portugal is the go-to place if you’re planning on taking some relaxed vacations. For the latest CovetED 14th issue, the interior design magazine has selected the best places for you to go and have a blast! From the historical city of Porto all the way down to the sunny Algarve region, fasten your seatbelts, inspire yourself and enjoy the ride!


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