Dusk Blue and Terracotta: The New Interior Design ‘It’ Pairing

There are a few classic colour pairings when it comes to interior design, blue and brown being one of them. However, this traditional duo has seen its fair share of uses, making it feel a bit overdone. In order to make use of this timeless combo and still making your decor feel fresh, we’re suggesting switching it up with Dusk Blue and Terracotta.

dusk blue and terracottaDusk blue, as the name might suggest, evocates the colour the sky presents during dusk – that light blue with a touch a grey that feels especially soothing after a long, hard day. This enchanting hue of blue could almost be considered a neutral colour has it goes with almost anything due to its low saturation.

Terracotta, on the other hand, has been a resounding name in interior design trends in the past few years. Terracotta – Italian for “baked earth” – is actually a type of earthenware, a clay-based ceramic. However, the sculptures and utensils made from this material have been called Terracotta as well for as long as this ceramic has been used. More recently, Terracotta has been the named attributed to the brown-orange hue that mirrors the colour of this earthenware. Being an innately earthy tone, Terracotta, as a colour, has the ability to make any space feel more instantly cosier and warmer, which in turn contrasts with the subtle freshness of Dusk Blue.

Maya Armchair Upholstery BRABBU

This near ethereal colour combo is bound to make any room look opulent without looking heavy or drab. By combining both these nature-inspired colours you’re essentially combining the refreshing, calming look of the evening sky with the grounded, warm aspect of the earth, making for a truly embracing ambience that’s guaranteed to make you feel comforted every time you step foot into your sweet home.

We’ve gathered a few pieces that you can use to bring these transcending pops of colour into your home and one remarkable fireplace to tie the whole look together!

Oreas Sofa

dusk blue and terracottaThis divine sofa from BRABBU is inspired by the Greek God Oreas, God of the mountains. The inspiration is noticeable in just how imponent this sofa is. However, the Dusk Blue hue gives it a charming delicateness that makes it its soft cotton velvet feel even softer. Even though BRABBU allows you to customise both fabrics and colours alike, we think this velvet and Dusk Blue combination is just perfect.

Zulu Armchair

dusk blue and terracottaNamed after the largest ethnic group in South Africa, this fully upholstered, button tufted Armchair is full of personality, making it a statement piece in any room. Its Terracotta colour makes it feel extra homey and comfortable – which is saying a lot, because this BRABBU armchair is already incredibly comfortable as it is.


Eye Rug

dusk blue and terracottaThis hypnotizing Eye Rug rug from Rug’Society’s Neutral Collection in two differently lit hues of Dusk Blue is the perfect subtle addition of colour for any room. With a bold graphic design, this striking piece of handmade tapestry will instantly transform the space it’s placed in.

Himba Rug

dusk blue and terracottaHimba is a southern Angola tribe, that lives surrounded by vast deserts and striking mountains. Himba is known for its beautiful women painted with achre and long tresses wrapped in red clay, very much to the likes of Terracotta. This dashing rug from BRABBU, inspired by the tribe’s resilience amongst the harsh conditions of the surrounding natural environments, makes a powerful statement to any room while also filling it with heat thanks to its earthy colour.

Musa Fireplace

dusk blue and terracottaFinally, to tie everything together and up the cosiness factor a notch, we highly recommend the Musa Fireplace by Foogo. Inspired by the alleged richest individual in history, the Musa Fireplace transpires wealth and boldness. This fireplace is capable of conquering any room with its brass deconstructed exterior and fills the room with light with its lingering fire display.

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