Earthy Tones: Back to Basics with a Twist

Earthy tones serve as a phenomenal colour palette. Earthy tones can be seen almost as a mid-term between neutrals and jewel tones – they fit in nearly seamlessly in most environments yet they have a charming intensity to them. This vibrant quality is what sets them apart from other neutrals and makes them so desirable – they can blend in and stand out at the same time.

So what constitutes “earthy tones“? Earthy tones are exactly as they sound – shades reminiscent of the earth. This obviously includes, first and foremost, the colours of the earth itself, in both senses of the word – for short, brown, blue and green.


Earthy tones are an impeccable way to bring subtle pops of colour into your design while maintaining a cohesive and soothing ambience. Here are some pieces you can use to bring these splendid hues into your decor:

Bourbon Sofa

Earthy-Tones-Back-to-Basics-with-a-TwistInspired by the House of Bourbon, a dynasty known for its elegance and splendour, the Bourbon Sofa embodies those same features. Its rich cotton velvet in a luscious, rich earthy green brings a refined look to any room.

Sequoia Centre Table


Inspired by, and named after, one of the most imponent products of fertile earth, the Sequoia Center Table is a symbol of grandeur itself. This brass and wood table is the perfect centrepiece for any room themed around earthy tones.

Kaamos Mirror


Named after the Finnish word for “polar night”, the Kaamos Mirror has nature bounded within itself from the get-go. Combining wood, brass and copper, this outstanding mirror incorporates earthy tones in the most effortless and organic way possible.


Earth Armchair


This armchair is the materialisation of an earthy colour palette. Its muted green colour grants it extensive versatility all the while giving a natural feel to the room. The hammered brass back brings the earthy look home as the metal contrasts the softness of the velvet. Much like nature itself, the Earth Armchair is both soft and rugged.

Grasberg Firepit


What better way to bring earthy tones to your decor than a hearty fire pit? Designed with the holy grail of the mining world as a muse, this drilled-like fire pit is granted to light up your day, no matter the occasion.

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