Feel relaxed with this look at the chalets designed by ADP Décoration

ADP Décoration is known for being one of the major Interior design studios of Switzerland created by Alexandra de Pfyffer, a famous interior designer. Thanks to her cultural heritage (Austrian and French mixed with Italian and Russian) she has been able to create some amazing interior design work.

Feel relaxed with this look at the chalets designed by ADP Décoration
Note: all photo credits go to ADP Décoration

Alexandra de Pfyffer, the creator of ADP Décoration, is currently living and working in Geneva, within a country where many of her interior design projects take place. The best way to define her design style is as it being a mix of tradition and modernism, as well as her signature feature of being able to to give her clients a more beautiful and comfortable life.

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A look at the homepage of ADP Décoration reveals that chalets (a French word referring to traditional wooden houses in the Alpes) are this groups’ speciality. A feature that immediately jumps to sight (if you could tell from the previous images and some that will follow) reveal Alexandra de Pfyffer’s tendency to use a mix of wood and metal in her decor mixed in with a whole lot of comfortable elements.

Having previously worked in private residences, hotels, offices or private offices, there’s no doubt that Alexandra de Pfyffer has a talent and touch for any type of project. ADP Décoration’s team is working in a gallery/studio currently located on the old city of Geneve. Let’s take a look at the fireplaces we’ve spotted in some of their projects, shall we?

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This amazing interior pool is somehow enhanced by the presence of a fireplace, seen as this is the type of are where it’s unusual to place such an element. The linear element can be seen as a decorative element in the warm days and a most welcoming heating element when the cold days come back to Switzerland.

Remember when we’ve mentioned the fact that Alexandra de Pfyffer usually likes to use a mix of wood and metal in her decor elements. This room is the perfect example filled with wooden elements and balanced out by the presence of a small metal fireplace effectively placed in a spacious corner, giving a slight industrial touch to the room.


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