Here are some of the top Fireplace Styles of this year

Fireplace styles are also a thing, yes! In 2019 you have a lot to pick should you like to take the chance of this new season to renovate your decoration. Today we bring you four good examples of fireplaces styles that you can opt for if installing or renovating your mantel is among your to-do tasks!

These fireplace styles are all so different and yet very alike as you’re about to see. We’re going to proceed to enumerate all of the fireplaces examples that are trendy right now.

Modern Linear Fireplaces

Here are some of the top Fireplace Styles of this year

We’ve already made a whole complete article regarding Modern Linear fireplaces, however, when it comes to fireplace styles this is the top one adored by both designers and customers alike. This is due to two main factors: their convenience (easily adaptable to any type of house style and decoration) and visual appeal (the linearity is simple yet effective for many).

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Built-in Fireplaces

Next, on our list of fireplace styles, we can definitely point to the built-in fireplaces and as we can see from the example below, this style also took a couple of notes from the linear fireplaces. Built-in fireplaces can both have either a classical take or a more modern take thanks to the advances in this market.

Flush Fireplace Inserts

A flush fireplace insert is a style still attractive to more than one individual. They’re very easy to mount and provide a considerable amount of heat onto one living room. This is one example among fireplace styles where you can definitely create a focal point with a fireplace as well as outline the fireplace from the rest of the walls of the home.

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Contemporary Square

Last but not least we have the Contemporary square fireplace and as the name itself indicates it’s a squared fireplace that can come with more than one style. When it comes to Fireplace styles it’s a more compressed one reduced to a square form but providing the quality heat nonetheless.

These fireplace styles are so different and yet very alike when it comes to the outer design. However, depending on every produt (specifically in the main features), there are many factors that tell them apart from each other so it’s a matter of you looking up what options you can consider in order to renovate your household.


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