How any fireplace can look stunning with a Scandinavian decor

Scandinavian decor is often known as being a very minimalistic style that many people are somehow familiar with without realizing it. This is an easily obtainable style for your living room decor and today we’re going to demonstrate how any style of fireplace can fit this decoration style that’s taking the world of interior decor by storm.

How any fireplace can look stunning with a Scandinavian decor

The Scandinavian decor style first came to be during the 1930s, however, its popularity grew during the 1950s. “Simplicity and functionality” are the two main keywords that define this lovely decoration style, and aside from being often defined as being very minimalistic the Scandinavian decor style is known for having the purpose of improving the individual’s house.

But why is there such a philosophy behind the Scandinavian decor style? This is due to the fact that Nordic countries get as little as seven hours of daylight in the winter, therefore, the focus is given to the improvement of the daily lives of the people who reside in this household. Lighting, therefore, is a priority given to the decoration style, something that a fireplace can also provide.

As you can see by the images we’re going to be showing you throughout this article, there is more than one fireplace style that easily fits into the Scandinavian decor style. Whether it’s a stone fireplace, a suspended fireplace or even a linear fireplace, this element is one of the easiest to adapt to this decoration seen as it’s a style that focuses on simplicity and coziness, rather than in having the most impressing furniture.

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A good tip for dealing with the Scandinavian decor in your house is betting on neutral colours, despite the fact that you can easily play with colour. In the image above, for example, we can see that the decoration bets on a more brown and soft coloured palette while at the same time effectively inserting dashes of purple in a part of a wall an in one of the sofas.

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Overall the Scandinavian decor style is easy to obtain and it ends up becoming even cosier if you choose to add a fireplace into the mix. Regardless of the time of the year, it’s important that above all you feel well at your own household, which makes this style a wonderful reference to help you.


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