Inside Frank de Biasi’s Kaleidoscope Interiors

Frank de Biasi is an internationally recognized interior designer based in New York City with an outstanding flair for colour. Biasi is known for his holistic approach to design and for understanding where the value of a home truly lies: the way it improves the lives that cross it.

Inside-Frank-de-Biasis-Kaleidoscope-InteriorsA self-proclaimed ardent traveller, Frank de Biasi‘s designs are heavily influenced by his voyages around the globe. Like many other designers, Biasi sees different cultures and landscapes as a fruitful source of inspiration. However, Biasi stands out by the way this inspiration shines through in his work. Frank de Biasi works with a global network of artisans that incorporate their native culture and traditions into the pieces that Biasi then uses in his projects – and that ultimately grants them an eclectic look and feel.


Frank de Biasi creates his designs taking into account who the client is: what is their lifestyle? What do they like? What defines them and how can their home reflect that? The pictures above and below are from a residential project created for a Miami art collector. This is probably the most distinct example of Frank de Biasi‘s ability to play with extremely different pieces – both in terms of colour and style – in a manner that still allows his projects to be cohesive.

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In this particular project, not only does his genius as an eclectic interior designer shine through, but so does his resourcefulness as a furniture collector. His passion for travel does come in handy when it comes to finding unique pieces like, for example, the multichrome table pictured below.


However, don’t take Frank de Biasi for a jack of a single trait. Despite his aptitude for colourful and vibrant interiors, Biasi can take on a more subdued and neutral project with the same talent and enthusiasm.


While some assumably out of the ordinary pieces are present – yes, we’re referring to the clown in the corner – this living room project is a breath of fresh air with earthy tones and understated clean lines present in the furniture and upholstery, a true testament to the designer’s versatility.

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