Know some of the best talented Spanish Interior Designers (PT1)

Spain is a good example of a country that definitely managed to set itself on the map having an amazing Interior Design which is often referred to as a charming take on the area. Spanish interior designers are often known for creating some projects with a caring and cosy environment. With several references in the world of design, FOOGO blog will continue with our selection when it comes to the best interior designers around the globe.

Adriana Nicolau

Know some of the best talented Spanish Interior Designers (PT1)
Photo credits: Adriana Nicolau

Adriana Nicolau is an interior designer that creates projects with a nurturing and cosy environment. Her projects are filled with antiques, which she avidly searched in the trails of Madrid and in the corners of the Marché aux Puces from Paris. Her studio is located in Madrid and it is permanently seeking out new projects from which people can get inspired from.

Andrés Reisinger

Know some of the best talented Spanish Interior Designers (PT1)
Photo credits: Andrés Reisinger

Andrés Reisinger is a 28 years old Argentinian interior designer that inspires
through his numerous projects. Andrés is not a mere interior designer, he’s an artist.
His experience, merged with the contemporary culture affirms his interdisciplinary
practice. His studio is located in Barcelona and counts with a perfect team for all of
his projects. An interior designer that can turn every project into an interior design
luxury project.

C95 Creative

Know some of the best talented Spanish Interior Designers (PT1)
Photo credits: C95 Creative

C95 Creative has some of the best interior designers and has over 30 years of
experience in architectural and interior design. The studio has a large number of
providers all over the world, designing exclusive and unique interiors. Their main
focus is the development of hotels and private residential projects. Always bearing in
mind the client’s wishes and needs, the studio manages to create the utmost
luxurious ambiences without obliviating the project’s surroundings.

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Cota Cero Interiorismo

Know some of the best talented Spanish Interior Designers (PT1)
Photo credits: Cota Cero Interiorismo

Diana Artíguez Ryan graduated in interior design at the School of Applied Arts and Crafts in Valencia and in Jabob Kramer College of Art in Leeds, England. In 2003, she started Cota Zero Interiorismo and since then she acquired extensive experience in interior design projects and execution of works and rehabilitation of many different spaces.

Cota Cero specializes in residential interior design, installations and contract projects. They also manufacture and design custom furniture for projects that require it. Lighting projects. Equipment of offices, commerce, hotels, restaurants and any public space.

Erico Navazo

Know some of the best talented Spanish Interior Designers (PT1)
Photo credits: Erico Navazo

At Estudio de Interiorismo de Erico Navazo, located in Madrid, Erico Navazo, one of the top Spanish Interior Designers of this Century carries out decoration and interior design projects from idea to execution. In his CV we can find some of the most elegant interior design projects in Spain. One of his most accomplished projects is the La Puebla Hotel Boutique, in Burgos. The hotel, placed in the city centre, is a renovated building from the 19th century with 19 rooms. The fact of being in an old building, mixed with the owners’ personality, is the main part of this hotel charm.

Estudio Mercedes Acre

Know some of the best talented Spanish Interior Designers (PT1)
Photo credits: Estudio Mercedes Acre

Mercedes Arce es apasionada por el diseño, arquitectura y arte. Su estudio se basa en proyectos y trabajo de decoración y interiorismo. Sus piezas y proyectos estan dentro de las tendencias pero siempre en armonía. El principal objetivo deste estudio de lujo es «crear ambientes, espacios adecuados a la personalidad de cada uno», esta Interiorista de lujo en cada espacio busca el quilibro, armnía hacendo un proyecto perfecto. En finale, Mercedes, ha ganado una Medalla de Oro en 2001 debido a sú reconocimiento profesional.

Eva Martinez

Know some of the best talented Spanish Interior Designers (PT1)
Photo credits: Eva Martinez

The unique style of this Spanish interior design is based on two principles: eclecticism and harmony. Eva Martínez is a designer of contrasts. She loves blending different elements to create cosy and warm spaces. Her work is versatile and ranges from designing, reforming, and decorating houses to taking care of public space projects, especially restaurants, night clubs, and hotels, such as The Serras Boutique Hotel, Ura Restaurant and Chic & Basic Hotels in Barcelona. Also, La Torre del Canónigo Hotel and Ayunne Restaurant in Ibiza.

Femont Glavan Designers

Know some of the best talented Spanish Interior Designers (PT1)
Photo credits: Femont Glavan Designers

Femont Glavan Designers is an incredible practice created by Ivonne Galvan and Geoffrey Femont. This firm has numerous worldwide renown projects, working permanently with highly qualified interior designers that share the studio’s values of quality and the passion for perfection. From the beginning of the project to its completion, the team believes attention to detail is the key. Femont Galvan Designers has forged relationships with the very best international brands and highly respected craftsmen who share the same values of quality, longevity and aesthetics.

Isabel López-Quesada

Know some of the best talented Spanish Interior Designers (PT1)
Photo credits: Isabel López-Quesada

Isabel López-Quesada has dedicated herself to interior design since she was a child and opened her studio 30 years ago in Madrid. She has projects all around the world, from the USA to France, Japan and the Dominican Republic. Her projects are some of the best ideas and inspiration for interior design, a miscellaneous design, with the top trends of the English and French style. “A house, like a person, should combine traditions and the modern.” She stood out in the interior design world and won many awards like the Best Interior Designer of 2012 by Architectural Digest Spain. Isabel is one of the top luxury interior designers in the world.

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Jaime Beriestain Studio

Know some of the best talented Spanish Interior Designers (PT1)
Photo credits: Jaime Beriestain Studio

Jaime Beriestain Studio is an award-winning design and architecture studio in Madrid, with an impressive portfolio. The studio was launched in 2002 and it has created a huge number of projects for the time being. Their luxurious undertakings range from the biggest hotels to the smallest of projects… Their main goal is to search the specific nature of each project and adapt a design solution to meet the criteria of each individual client.


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