Know some of the best talented Spanish Interior Designers (PT2)

Spanish interior designers are often known for creating some projects with a caring and cosy environment. With several references in the world of design, FOOGO blog will continue with our selection when it comes to the best interior designers around the globe.

Jorge Cañete

Know some of the best talented Spanish Interior Designers (PT2)
Photo credits: Jorge Canete

A Swiss of Catalan and Andalusian origin, Jorge CAÑETE did not choose to devote his life to interior design and architecture by chance. Following a career in luxury products (Ungaro, Bvlgari, Mugler) and an MBA in Lausanne, he decided to express his creativity in 3D through interior design. A diploma in “Interior Design” by the London Metropolitan University and several architectural projects at architecture studios in Rome and Geneva served as his launchpad to set up his own studio in 2005: INTERIOR DESIGN PHILOSOPHY. Since then, his work has been published in numerous magazines and he has received prestigious interior design awards worldwide, underlining his peculiar style: a poetic vision of the world.


Know some of the best talented Spanish Interior Designers (PT2)
Photo credits: KEISU CONECTA

KEISU CONECTA offers its clients a complete range of lighting, furniture, decoration
and sound equipment to provide an integrated solution to any project. One of the
objectives of this luxury company are to provide our customers with a global solution
to their projects. Being able to provide decorative lighting and design, industrial,
technical, exterior, contract and even Christmas lighting to special projects. The
the company, composed by a team of professionals with a long career in the sector,
focuses its activity on working hand in hand with a wide range of high-level firms and
manufacturers to offer tailor-made and innovative solutions in architecture and
design projects.

Lázaro Rosa-Violán

Know some of the best talented Spanish Interior Designers (PT2)
Photo credits: Lázaro Rosa-Violán

Everything that Lázaro Rosa-Violán touches, it ends up being a trend. His work has been featured in numerous magazines, his restaurants have been among the most talked about in the city and his hotels have the ability to make guests feel at home from the moment they step through the door.

With a precocious instinct for art, Lázaro audited classes at the Academy of Fine Arts at the age of eight. Raised between Bilbao, Madrid and Barcelona, he developed an early taste for decoration. Trained as a painter, he’s a traveller by conviction and an interior designer by instinct, Lázaro finds inspiration everywhere. His style reflects upon his background, which allows him to mix, modify and reinterpret past and present trends for each new project.

Lorenzo Castillo

Know some of the best talented Spanish Interior Designers (PT2)
Photo credits: Lorenzo Castillo

Lorenzo Castillo is one of the best interior designers in Spain. Lorenzo is able to
balance a more classic style with a contemporary or modern one. His achievements
are unique, one of the characteristics is the perfect combination of colours in its
interior designs. Castillo likes to take others paths and break is own limits. His
inspirations focus on relics of the Ancient World, which you are able to find in his

Marisa Gallo

Know some of the best talented Spanish Interior Designers (PT2)
Photo credits: Marisa Gallo

Marisa Gallo has a charming studio and she is one of the most perfectionist interior designers in all of Spain. Her unique studio is located in Madrid. “Creativity, sobriety and balance” are the perfect words to characterize Marisa and her team. She has created her studio in 2004 and brings a wide background experience to the world of interior design. Her studio offers a complete service, from the first draft to the final project delivery.


Know some of the best talented Spanish Interior Designers (PT2)
Photo credits: Mas Que Espacio

MASQUESPACIO: is an award-winning studio created by Ana Milena and Christophe Penasse in 2001, Valencia. A luxurious studio internationally celebrated, perfect for any interior design project. The main focus is a result of new and innovative concepts for all kind of projects. Their works and projects are in several countries from the United States to France. MASQUEESPACIO creates the best experiences from a clear strategy to reach and seduce the end-users with different products and decoration. The main aim of this company is to design brands, spaces and invent new strategies to give a new meaning to the image of a company. They like new challenges and approach a project with enthusiasm and with the need to show the best for the client.

Mercedes Arce

Know some of the best talented Spanish Interior Designers (PT2)
Photo credits Mercedes Arce

Mercedes Arce is passionate for her design, architecture and art. Her pieces and projects are always on the frontier of the top trends but always in complete harmony. The main goal of this luxury studio is “creating environments, suitable spaces and personality”. Mercedes is always in pursuit of balance and harmony in every project she works.

Pepe Leal

Know some of the best talented Spanish Interior Designers (PT2)
Photo credits: Pepe Leal

Pepe Leal has a degree in History of Art, a background that provided him with a theoretical basis to project himself later in the world of decoration. He continued his training in England learning painting techniques. After completing different interior design courses at the Polytechnic School in London, he returns to Spain. His first exhibition at Casa Decor 98 earned him the respect of the critics and obtain a privileged place in the world of decoration where each year confirms his career marking a trend. Since 1996, he has become one of the rising values ​​of interior design and decoration, carrying out several projects of great importance.

Raúl Lamarca

Know some of the best talented Spanish Interior Designers (PT2)
Photo credits: Raul Lamarca

Lamarca is an interior decor-focused brand that produces custom-made upholstered furniture, as well as lighting solutions. Based in Vigo, Raúl Lamarca has become one of the leading brands in the Spanish upholstery market. Lamarca currently produces a wide array of custom upholstery items, fabrics, wallpapers, and decorative pillows. However, that is not all, and the Vigo-based brand also has its own consulting and interior decor services.

Santiago Calatrava

Know some of the best talented Spanish Interior Designers (PT2)
Photo credits: Santiago Calatrava

Santiago Calatrava was born in Valencia, Spain, in 1951. Architecture and Engineering are the two areas where Santiago Calatrava is known for. He moved to Zurique after finishing his degree in architecture, in 1974. There he studied Engineering. During his degree in architecture, he and some fellow students published to architecture books about the vernacular architecture of Valencia and Ibiza. Calatrava is also a sculptor and a painter, which reveals his strong artistic vein. Amongst his famous projects, we highlight the Allen Lambert Galleria Toronto and the World Trade Centre Transportation Hub.

Sara Folch

Know some of the best talented Spanish Interior Designers (PT2)
Photo credits: Sara Folch

Founded by Sara Folch, Sara Folch Interior Design is an amazing design studio that has been around for more than 25 years. The team at the Barcelona architecture studio has designed hundreds of projects making Sara Folch one of the most renowned interior designers. Each project is a new opportunity to innovate, combine and create unique and personalized spaces considering each detail. All clients are different as well as every order that comes within.

Susana Cots

Know some of the best talented Spanish Interior Designers (PT2)
Photo credits: Susana Cots

Susanna Cots had created her studio in 2001 in Barcelona, but with her worldwide recognition in all of her projects, in 2014 she inaugurated her presence in Hong Kong. In 2018, with one of her dreams, started her personal project, “The Eleven Houses”, a project that has been composed in the past May and has opened a design house with an art gallery and with a workshop centre. With a vast world recognition, the interior designer has won a wide range of awards with projects and publications that started in 2013 that goes from the “Best Interior Designer of the Year” – Luxury Lifestyle Awards, 2017, to the award for the Best International Interior Design in the residential category in 2012.

Toni Segui

Know some of the best talented Spanish Interior Designers (PT2)
Photo credits: Toni Segui

Toni Segui is a studio in Barcelona that specializes in luxury events. Toni is a Decorator, stylist, interior designer, and designer of events and weddings. With over 25 years of experience, this studio has created and transformed many luxury projects, with a team of professionals. In each project, the studio’s team unchains their imagination and let it flow without any boundaries, allowing each project to surpass the previous one. Toni Segui and his team have created a type of style, creativity and sensitivity. A unique way of designing events that began to become real in 1992, when the designer founded his company of events’ organization and decoration: Toni Segui SL. Before that, Toni Segui was the owner, during 15 years, of a prestigious fashion boutique of luxury brands located in Mahon, his hometown.


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