Laura Gonzalez: Inside an Eclectic Dreamworld

Laura Gonzalez is a Paris-based architect known for her very particular interior design style. You might know her as the interior designer behind luscious interiors such as the Cartier stores in Paris, Stockholm, Zurich and Madrid and the Christian Louboutin store in Barcelona.


However, don’t assume these luxury flagships follow the usual line of design other high-end stores do – on the contrary. While, per usual, high-end stores stray towards more modern and minimalist design, those decorated by Laura Gonzalez are nearly the opposite: incredible eclectic decor, interiors packed with vibrant colours and mismatched elements that work together in their own charming way.

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In fact, Laura Gonzalez is known for her exceptional talent in designing spaces filled with personality. Her remarkable eye for how different colours, textures, patterns and motifs can work together, allows her to create interiors that feel straight out of a refined fairytale. Her effortless ability to blend different fabrics, materials and eras, shines through in an aura of bubbliness and sophistication.


The designer defines her style as “chic mix and match“. The abstraction of her projects results from her ability to harmoniously combine various art forms – such as art, sculpture, photography and painting – in order to create a visually intricate space. To this same effect, Laura Gonzalez makes a point to add plenty of small details throughout her projects, assuring that there’s always some complexity and interest, regardless of where your gaze is turned to.

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Laura-Gonzalez-Inside-an-Eclectic-DreamworldHowever, there’s a torn to this rose. Adding too many details can easily make a room feel overcrowded and too busy, as there are too many points for the eye to focus on, stirring away from elegant maximalism and into over the top. So how does the french designer avoid this? Easy, she follows her instincts, putting herself in the shoes of a bystander – and it always works out beautifully.



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Laura Gonzalez‘ designs are quite often inspired by classical design and the decorative arts, but it’s that touch of contemporary design seamless weaved into her projects that really makes her designs stand out and feel brand new, all the while maintaining a nostalgic feel to them.

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