Meet Girdom Diseño: an amazing design studio from Mexico

Girdom Diseño is currently known for being one of the Most Prominent Design Studios in Mexico. It was founded by Juana Girault de Domenzain, who has more than 25 years of experience in the market, having handled both national and international projects. Today in our blog we will be introducing you to the amazing talents from this amazing Mexican studio..

Meet Girdom Diseño: an amazing design studio from Mexico

Since the creation of Girdom Diseño, Juana continues at the forefront of style, quality, and elegance with each of her clients. She and her team provide very personalized treatment for each client. “Quality, sensibility, elegance, comfort and personalized attention” are some of the main keywords that define this company’s take on each new challenge.

“At Girdom Diseño we are convinced that each project must have its own essence that reflects the personality of those who live it and for what it is lived, in order to make it a place that leads to the full realization of its inhabitants.”

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This is the perfect example of a company that has a modern contemporary approach, splashed with luxurious and modern details into any type of interior decoration projects. Girdom Diseño definitely managed to established itself as one of the best interior design studios in Central America thanks to the uniqueness of their projects all of which delivers a high-end look on that definitely makes clients fall in love with their household.

When it comes to fireplaces, we’ve observed that Girdom Diseño is very versatile when it comes to either indoors or outdoors projects. The image examples above and below that paragraph are two separate projects by the studio, both of which have managed to insert a minimalistic linear fireplace into both these scenario options. The result in both of them is the presence of a modern element perfect as a centerpiece for group activities.

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Still, on the topic of outdoor decoration, we’ve also managed to find this amazing outdoor fireplace in Girdom Diseño’s page. It’s definite proof that a stone fireplace outside can look as stunning in this area as one that is installed in the living room, creating amazing scenarios for Spring and Summertime.

Lastly but definitely not least we’ve managed to spot this ethanol burner, a fireplace trend that is definitely one of the main trends of modern homes regarding this market. As we’ve mentioned on a previous post the Ethanol burner is one good example of the qualities and commodities that modern fireplaces bring with them as well as a definite example of a luxury accessory to have like one good lovely decor for your living room. Aside from being very safe, it allows owners and guests to relax and sit in front of it watching the flames burning brightly from a tabletop.


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