Metal fireplaces that give a modern look to any room

Metal Fireplaces are another good example regarding the versatility and design innovations in this style of market. They give an industrial feel to any room and are very adaptable to any decoration style be it vintage or contemporary. Today we’re having a look at some pretty good examples of metal fireplaces.

Metal fireplaces that give a modern look to any room

The first example of a fireplace is an amazing design that shows off a mantel with bent metal decorating it, feeling almost like the flames wanting to burst out of the surface. As a matter of face, a metal surround for a fireplace mantel is definitely a good option if you want to try a different look for your living room.

The second option we present you is a good option if you want to keep it classic. However, metal fireplaces can also feel vintage as we can see by the details carved around the mantel which show a dedicated and detailed craftsmanship work put into it.

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Suspended fireplaces can also definitely fit within the category of metal fireplaces and as you can see from the example above there is more than one form of taking on the modern trend. This amazing pyramid-shaped fireplace is an instant attention grabber regardless of the environment where it’s put.

Metal fireplaces can also easily keep everything simple as you can see from the example above which opted for a minimalistic yet effective take. Truly a successful example of modern design applied to fireplaces.

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There’s something about having a completely metal fireplace that gives it a rough feel that somehow perfectly works regardless of the rest of the decor. Have a look at the example above and try to picture it in any style of the living room. It works, doesn’t it?

Lastly, we have this amazing and creative design to show us that metal fireplaces can come in more than one form. This fireplace is a great example of a product to have outdoors, while you sit and enjoy the flames at a sunset environment.


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