STUDIOMINT Will Stock You Up On Fireplace Ideas

STUDIOMINT is a luxury interior design and architecture group that work with commercial and residential spaces. The studio strives to work in a collaborative manner alongside its clients to get a better sense of what they expect, what they need and perceive how to serve them and their property in the best way possible.


Similarly to us, STUDIOMINT believes that your home should serve as a private getaway – a place that feels embracing and warm, providing you with complete comfort and allowing you to escape from the buzz and stress of your routine. And, frankly, is there a better way to turn your home into a refuge than a fireplace?! We highly doubt it. So we’re looking to STUDIOMINT‘s upscale designs for some fireplace inspiration.


Known for their ability to meet in the crossroads of modern, innovative design and timeless elegance, STUDIOMINT opts for sophisticated colour palettes and furniture that builds into the room’s personality. In the project above, the fireplace works as a focal point among an otherwise all-white room. The fireplace is used as the piece that makes the room go from “this is missing something” to an interior design marvel.


In this extremely opulent Aberfield Residence, the fireplace is used as an element of added luxury. The black leather and marble details play into this as well, adding a sense of mystery to the ambience. However, it is that ravishing fire burning on a black backdrop that makes this room stand out among all others.

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Within that same residence, STUDIOMINT decided upon a built-in fireplace for the master bathroom. Commonly fireplaces are thought of as a living room piece only, nevertheless, they’re a great addition to any room. In a bathroom, for example, they play into the idea of creating a retreat – the aura of warmth and relaxation that a fireplace provides transforms a merely purposeful room into an enticing one.



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Notwithstanding, if bathroom fireplaces are not really your cup of tea, maybe drinking one by an outdoor fireplace is. The stunning glass fireplace pictured below peeks into the dreamy garden, lighting up the room in a whimsical fashion. Placing it below the skylight maximizes its impact by gathering the majority of the light in the centre of the room where the pit is placed, making it all the more wonderful.


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