Take a look at this incredible Moodboard inspired by Patricia Urquiola’s Style

Patricia Urquiola was born in Oviedo, Spain but is currently living in Italy. Known for being a famous interior designer, architect, and designer, her work is widely known to be playful and poetic, yet pragmatic and functional. FOOGO blog will be taking you to the discovery of this amazing moodboard based on Urquiola’s style.

From the legend of Robin Hood arises SHERWOOD Center Table. A rectangular coffee table with a base in wood with black lacquer and a top in glossy walnut root veneer with gold leaf frame. This wood coffee table is ideal for a mid-century modern decor.

Inspired by the enigmatic life of Abbey Lincoln, this majestic pendant light will be the right lighting design choice for a dramatic dining room. A memorable piece that counts with golden finishes and black matte to give it a twist. This luxurious modern pendant lamp will be giving life and a statement to your modern home decor.

Bishop and Clerk is an imposing mountain peak in Australia with a magnificent view. It inspired CLERK Wingback Chair, a striking upholstered chair in cotton velvet and legs in high gloss lacquered. This wing chair will surely spice up any living room set or office design thanks to its exquisite presence.

Take this chance to combine these elements with these fireplaces:

Musa Fireplace takes after all the wealth and boldness of his empire. The way this fireplace conquers the space with its brass structure together with the strength present in its flames relates to the strength of Musa’s empire, as well as its known title as the “Biggest Gold producer of the World”.

The Eruption Wall Fire fireplace is a volcano-shaped Wall firepit meant to represent the phenomenon of an eruption coming through its rough-looking steel structure as well as through its chimney-like firebox. It’s a style of electrical fireplace that alongside with its heating system makes this product a perfect fit for many types of environments, becoming the focal point of the room where it’s installed.

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