These are 7 of the most amazing fireplace designs

Amazing fireplaces designs can be found anywhere today. Either if they’re classical looking or take some risks in a modern concept we definitely see why this marked is as varied as ever these days. Let’s embark on a journey through some of the most amazing fireplace designs you’ll see today.

Stone fireplaces are a classic, so it’s only natural that someone would take that classical fireplace design and give it a more modern twist. The amazing vertigo effect created in this one definitely makes this fireplace more of a centrepiece of a living room, drawing our eyes to the pattern.

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“Elegance” is the main keyword that comes to our minds when describing this living room as a whole. The smooth curvacious lines that fill the decoration of this room are beautifully intertwined with the rest of the furniture as well as with the majestic fireplace in there. This amazing fireplace is a clear work of some exquisite, and creative craftsmanship ever seen.

Speaking of craftsmanship applied to amazing fireplaces, this is yet another example of that with a little wood in on the mix. All the elements in the room (the wooden furniture, the patterns used on the floor and ceiling, and the peacock sculptures used as decor) make up for an unusual yet classical looking decoration.

Quality craftsmanship is hard to fins but in the case of this fireplace, we can definitely point to a case closed. The amazing greek sculptures both in the persons and the flowers depicted, give one the sensation of staring at an amazing work of art from BC. This is an amazing fireplace design that you definitely would love to see in your home, right?

Mixing water with fire? In interior decoration that’s definitely possible. The fireplace in this luxury living room is very enhanced by the aquarium behind it, creating a perfect mix of two very different elements. An amazing fireplace design indeed!

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These days there’s no limit for fireplaces and this example above is a perfect reflection of it. With a flame being projected in one single direction this creates an amazing modern effect in this amazing fireplace, providing both heat and some amazing dancing flames to look at.

Lastly, there’s nothing like sitting in front of a fireplace while reading a good book, right? So why not mix in these two lovely elements into one concept? You can admire the flames of this exquisite fireplace while deciding which book to read. Is there any better way to join in a bookcase and a fireplace into one element that this?


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