These are the top Firestones that embelish the flames

Firestones come in all shapes and sizes and all of them provide a wonderful effect inside the fireplace mantel. Today we’re letting you know a couple of good examples in that regard as well as how they look in more than one fireplace.


These are the top Firestones that embelish the flames

Fireglass is a known material among fire stones perfectly able to be used in both fire pits and fireplaces, regardless of the interior or type of fireplace used. There’s also the fact that this particular material does not emit fumes, smoke nor does it explode.

Either if you choose to use this material in a fire pit or in a fireplace it can lead to some wonderful visual results in the basis of a fireplace, aside from the safety features related to fire glass. Fire glass creates an almost crystal-like base that looks amazing with the flames emanating from it. If you ever thought that glass could never be a wonderful fuel for a fire, think again.

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Ceramic Firestones

Ceramic FireStones (both for fireplaces and for fire pits) are stones for those with contemporary decor. They consist of imitation stones made out of extremely sturdy and long-lasting ceramic material available in many styles, shapes and colours. There are also many log sets made from the very same materials that ceramic firestones are made of.

Reflective Black Crystals

These types of crystals have earned certain popularity thanks to both their colouring and their reflective effect. They mostly consist of s 1/4 Inch Black Glass suitable to mix with any lighter colours or just simply to be used alone for a nice effect in the fireplace mantel.

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Lava Rocks

Lastly, we have to mention Lava Rocks, which consist of a media suitable to mix with any lighter colours or even to be used alone as well for a nice effect. If you’re looking for a media that can be both decorative and flammable then firestones will suit you perfectly: these stones are known for increasing the combustion efficiency of your hearth and also for acting as the main burning component.


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