Tiled Fireplaces: how you can revamp your mantel with tile!

Tiled Fireplaces are not only a marvellous way to revamp your whole mantle, but they also allow for unique geometrical looks guaranteed to leave your guests with their mouths wide open. Sit back, relax and have a look at how you can use tiles to create unique effects in both your fireplace and also in your living room.

Tiled Fireplaces: how you can revamp your mantel with tile!

One of the most basic ways to take advantage of tiled fireplaces is by setting the tiles the same way as a brick wall and maintaining the mantel as it originally was. This is probably the most popular take on the tile when applied to fireplaces due to it allowing a unique personality to be added to the fireplace.

With tiled fireplaces, you could either play safe by adding tiles with a more neutral colour but that doesn’t mean you can’t try some more eccentric colours. In the case of the example above the chose colour happens to be grey, but there would be space for a darker or more marking tone.

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Tiled fireplaces can also lead to some amazing design choices through the use of some historical inspiration. The example which is shown above instantly reminds us of something we’ve seen in a historic product or in a medieval show such as Game of Thrones, for example. If your dream was to give a medieval touch to your home decor then feel inspired by this fireplace.

This is exactly what we meant previously when we mentioned how well some stronger colours can work very well when properly applied to previously existing fireplace mantels. When it comes to glamorous tiled fireplaces the example above takes the cake due to the imponent figures that are carved on the sides of the fireplace mantel as well as the unique effect that the green tiles manage to add to this well-deserved centrepiece.

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Of course, some of the modern fireplace design concepts are taking the opportunity to achieve some unique visual decor through the combination of electric fireplaces and tiles. Just look at the corner tiled fireplace and just tell us it isn’t a reflection of the modern fireplace trends!

Whatever the dimensions of the tiled wall where you choose to install your fireplace this is definitely a perfect example regarding how versatile modern fireplaces are in regards to where they can be installed and displayed. Tiled fireplaces are a reflection of how modern the market is becoming as well as showing the creative forms through which fireplaces will always remain as the centrepiece of the living room.


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